Dean T. Jorgenson, P.E.
Vice President
Metal Building Software

    Design, detailing, pricing and drafting in one complete package. This has always been the goal at Metal Building Software Inc. Describing buildings with the word "box" is becoming rare in the metal building industry and MBS is changing with the times. We continue to strive for MBS software to handle greater complexity in building features. The more our Software can handle, the more your productivity increases. Every year MBS has added major building features, sidewall eave extensions, canopies, strut purlins, and now facia.
    Metal building Software was formed in the late 70s to custom develop a complete design, detailing, and drafting package for a large U.S. manufacturer. This set of programs was turned over in 1986. MBS then started from scratch in developing a completely new set of programs. This new second-generation software was in the programming and testing phase for six years. In 1992, MBS began to lease this complete software package for the design, detailing, pricing, and drafting of steel framed buildings.
    Since 1992, MBS has added over 90 clients on six continents. We believe there are two major factors that have lead to our success. They are program enhancements and technical support. MBS publishes over 100 new program enhancements annually. This is over 100 new building features, design options, and detailing methods. Recent program enhancements have ranged from multi-level wind framing, to the complete design, detailing, and drafting of facia systems
    The key to good customer relations is excellent technical support. MBS users know that they can pick up the phone and talk to a metal building professional. Our support staff is comprised of registered professional metal building engineers, and professionals in the areas of estimating and detailing. Everyone doing technical support and training at MBS has a minimum of seven years experience in the metal building industry, combined they share 80 years of experience.     MBS continues to plan for the future. We know to be successful, client needs must drive our business.This is why we host the annual MBS User Group meeting at Metalcon. We invite each of our clients to attend. It is an opportunity for clients to meet, share ideas, and make suggested improvement to the MBS Software. All clients' ideas are tallied and this determines our direction for program enhancements.
    As technology changes, so do we. The metal building manufacturer's needs often exceed design, detailing, pricing, and drafting. For this reason, MBS has expanded its capabilities in the area of job costing, inventory control, and equipment automation. Our goal at MBS is to be able to automatically communicate with third party accounting, inventory, and equipment automation software.
    Our latest group of program enhancements is the best yet. Recently, we published over 125 new program features. These new features have a wide range in complexity. Topping the list is the complete design, detailing, pricing, and drafting facia systems.

    Dean T. Jorgenson holds a BS in civil engineering. His responsibilities at MBS include marketing as well as customer training and support. Before taking a position with MBS, Jorgenson spent seven years as a project manager with a large civil/structural-consulting firm in Minneapolis, MN.
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