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About the Software

Metal Building Software is a Software Program that does the complete design, detailing, costing and drafting of steel framed metal buildings. Our clients range in size from doing less than $1.5 million to over $360 million in steel volume annually.

The software does the design based on your inventory and your choice of over 140 unique US and international building codes. It details the building according to your customized detailing methods. The software then creates an accurate bill of materials and cost. Finally, it develops a complete set of customized erection drawings and detailed shop drawings.

Clients who use our software have reduced their design/detailing/drafting time (over other software suppliers) by well over 50%. This increase in productivity allows the Software to pay for itself in a short period of time.

About the People

By spring of 1992 MBS leased its first Software package. The first five companies that saw demonstrations of the MBS Software leased from MBS. Now over 270 satisfied clients later, MBS continues to add program enhancements to the MBS Software System. MBS publishes a wealth of unique program enhancements annually.

This is an example of how MBS is dedicated to the continued support of our clients. Our full-time staff of registered engineers and metal building professionals have been in your shoes. They know what it is like to have the plant manager breathing down their neck for drawings or to make the bid deadline. Our goal is to provide the support and program enhancement necessary to allow our clients to stay ahead!

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