Corporate info

Metal Building Software Inc. (MBS), began by developing a complete Software package for a medium sized metal building manufacturer in the US. In 1986, MBS turned over the source code to this manufacturer and began to develop from scratch a completely new set of programs. As anyone knows that has had to perform a complex task for the second time, it is quite easy to learn from your previous challenges. These second generation, Design, Detailing, Costing and Drafting, programs were under development for six years before MBS began to market the Software.

Support is key to our clients’ success. Our full-time staff of registered engineers and metal building professionals has been in your shoes. They know what it is like to have the plant manager breathing down their neck for drawings or to rush to make a bid deadline. Our goal is to provide the support and program enhancement necessary to allow our clients to stay ahead.

MBS has registered professional structural engineers and experienced metal building professionals on staff full-time to answer all your technical support questions.

MBS staff members have an average of 13 years with the company and many more years of experience using the MBS, plus several hold advanced technical degrees.

The MBS staff has the resources, education and experience to provide you with the best software available for the metal building manufacturer.