Program overview – Rigid Frame

Over 300 metal building manufacturers use the MBS productivity program to design, detail, cost and draw metal buildings. Think about where the bottleneck is in your office. Most metal building manufacturers’ would say, “Design and Detailing”. Imagine that you could process buildings without any hand or CADD editing. From simple data input screens, the program creates a wide range of customized output. The building data is entered and the output is printed. This is the Power of MBS.
Click to enlarge the Building Entry screens:
As the data is being entered, the program provides a drawing of the building shape and framing. Building data can be entered in as few as 2 minutes, depending on the building complexity.
Following data entry, the program will use the manufacturer’s inventory and prepare the complete design, detailing, and bill of materials. Using the manufacturer’s cost data the program will calculate the cost and selling price of the building. Selling price may include overhead, profit, taxes, commissions, freight, etc.
Next, the program prepares a contract between the manufacturer and the prospective customer. Each manufacturer can customize their reports to meet their unique needs.
If this proposal becomes a building order, the program will prepare the shipping list, shop drawings, and erection drawings. Shipping lists can vary in both format and content as set by the manufacturer.
Shop drawings are prepared for rigid frames, endwall frame members, all cold formed members, wind framing, eave extension, canopy and facia beams and all loose connection plates. Shop drawings have menus from which both the content and format of the drawing can be set to the manufacturer’s unique needs.
The program automatically prepares a full set of drawings for each building.
If necessary, each drawing can be changed by editing the drawing input file. All drawings can be printed or plotted through software provided by MBS. Programs like AutoCAD are not necessary to plot drawings.
The entire process, from building entry to all required output can take place in a matter of minutes.